What Your Momma Never Told You About Oil & Gas Analytics

We are good at many things, but our decisions are highly influenced by the quality of the information we use and the limited amount of time we have to make them. Let’s explore a world that breaks down traditional workflows. One that puts the vast power of information in context, with a spatio-temporal reference. Enabling cross-discipline conversational analytics integrating multiple data sources across an O&G operator or service company's domain. Presenting the new OmniSci O&G platform coupled with a story from 1962, a concept identified by the American physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn, the Paradigm Shift. A change in rules brought about by breakthroughs in GPU-accelerated analytics. Join Dan Gualtieri as he discusses improved workflows for acquisition, asset evaluations, horizontal data integration, and beyond.

Dan Gualtieri

Managing Director
Legato Energy Solutions, LLC