How BMW Group Applies Deep Learning for Visual Inspection and Quality Control

Image Recognition and Object Detection are one of the most common applications within the field of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. AI algorithms are already being used in productive environments creating value in various processes from development to manufacturing. Learn about how the BMW Group has implemented and trained a Deep Learning model for inline quality inspection in the assembly line. Gain insight into how the BMW Group is using the parallel processing power of GPUs to train and predict models for visual inspection and quality control. Join Caroline Persson, Data Scientist at the BMW Group, as she explains how Deep Learning and GPUs have become a permanent and indispensable part of the manufacturing line at the BMW Group. Persson will show how the Data Scientists team at the BMW Group has built and trained a Deep Learning model for Object Detection ensuring the quality of their products and reducing manual efforts and rework time.

Caroline Persson

Data Scientist